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Lawns and Dogs

I live in Los Angeles, CA. Our backyard lawn was basically destroyed during a remodeling job a few years ago. When finished, I wanted to put in a new lawn, but my husband refuses to even try because we have two female labrador retreivers. While I wouldn't expect our lawn to be "magazine material", I feel that any kind of grass would have to be better than what we have now - dirt and weeds! What kind of grass would you recommend, or would I be wasting my time? Thank you. Barbara Rivera
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Well it truly depends on how much time your dogs spend in the yard. If you leave them out there all the time, then it's likely your turf will eventually disappear. Between the dog's traffic and their bathroom habits, the grass will have a tough time. However, if you walk your dogs so they do their business someplace else and keep them confined when you are not in the yard (either in the house or in a kennel area) then your grass should be fine. It truly depends on  how much access the dogs have to the property.

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