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Lawn fungus

I have a 4 year old lawn that is well tended to with regular fertilizing including preemergent crabgrass killer in spring, turf builder and nitrogen in the summer every 4 weeks and a fall fertilizer. We have had a serious fungus problem last year and this year which we are treating with a funguside. Our neighbors have the same problem and they treat too. Both lawns looked great in spring and we aerated too. But this year the fungus is back and worse than before. Our lawns are all brown. Help
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You didn't say what kind of grass you have but I think I can safely say that you are taking much too good care of your lawn--lawns that are pampered as your's is often are much more inclined to get diseases. A lot of nitrogen makes for weak foliage growth, tender growth--more liable to get fungal diseases. Are you watering during dark hours? That also encourages fungal disease. If I were you I would cut way back on the fertilizer for a year or so--that alone may help solve your problem.

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