Is there such a thing as too much mower?

I have a suburban lot with a beautiful expanse of lawn. I say I need a riding mower to keep it uniform and healthy. My wife says a rider is overkill for the amount of grass we have. Is there such a thing as too much mower?
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The answer is- there is no single correct answer. The best type of mower may not be the one you want. Your mower, more than just about any other yard and garden tool, is much like your car. It says a lot about you and how you feel about your lawn. Here are some guidelines and suggestions. Manual (reel) mower, the old-fashioned lawn mower, has been modernized with lightweight but sturdy materials; some models feature pneumatic tires, easy-to-use blade-height settings, and adjustable handle length. The reel-mounted horizontal blades give a superior cut by slicing the grass against a lower, rigid bar. Quiet and pollution-free, these mowers are useful for small lawns. Walk-behind power lawn mower, a gas- or electric-powered rotary mower, is appropriate for lawns of more than 4,000 square feet. (Some battery-operated models have the capacity to cut up to two-thirds of an acre on one charge.) Today almost all power lawn mowers are designed as mulching mowers, with a special blade that suspends clippings long enough to be cut several times before they fall back onto the lawn as mulch. Riding mower, the newest in gas- or electric-powered convenience, offers cruise control, joystick steering, zero turning radius, and even a drink holder. Most can pull a cart useful for mulching and other gardening applications. Larger, more powerful models can handle aeration, tilling, and snow-removal attachments.  Self-directed electric mower, this mower follows a predetermined path along cables buried in the lawn or stays within an electronic or physical border, cutting the grass while you do other things. Some models have a recharging/docking station, where the unit goes when battery power is low. At least one model is solar-powered.


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