Is my lawn thinning because of a fungus?

I have a St. Augustinegrass lawn that has thinned out over the last few years. Last year the turf developed a fungal problem, which I treated. Is the thinning a result of the fungus?
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Fungal problems are usually minimal in a well-maintained lawn. The thinning and the fungal problems you observed may be related to stressful growing conditions for the St. Augustine grass. Focus on improving the soil and how you care for your lawn. There is a good chance that aeration will help it loosens the soil, which allows water and oxygen to get to the roots. Also, St. Augustine grass responds to nitrogen fertilizer. Apply fertilizer in spring and again every 6-8 weeks throughout the growing season. St. Augustine grass grows aggressively and should quickly fill in if the soil and growing conditions are improved.


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