How to get rid of mole digging up my yard?

This mole arrived last year at the beginning of the summer and has never left. We live in a family oriended neighborhood, lots of children and pets outside so I'm hesitant to put out anything that could poison a child or family pet. This mole lives only in my yard. He has not ventured away from our house in over a year. Why won't he go to someone else's yard? What is it about our yard that keeps him here? How can we rid ourselfs of this damaging pest?
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Well it's odd you have a mole staying in one place like this. They most often move around to different areas as their food source, earthworms, migrate in the soil during periods of rain and dryness. Usually moles only show up with their surface tunnels in the spring while the earthworms are in the top few inches of soil. Later as the weather warms, the worms move deeper in the ground and the moles move along. Now, I'm guessing here, but it's clear that you have very fertile soil because the mole would have moved by now if the earthworms weren't plentiful. Do you irrigate your lawn a lot? That could promote a constant moist environment that's attractive to earthworms. Moles can be very difficult to get rid of, but there are a pair of organic products available from Liquid Fence (you can find Liquid Fence products at most home stores and garden centers). One product is a spray repellent and the other is an actual fake earthworm (they look like what you use when fishing) that's been soaked in a chemical that moles find distasteful. Hopefully, you should be able to find both or at least one of the at your local Wal-Mart, Lowe's or Home Depot. Follow label directions and hope it works. There are no guarantees on mole removal. By the way, most mole removal products on the market are not worth buying.

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