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We replanted new lawn in our front yeard a year ago, but now the weed grew out and would like to put weed killer & fertirizer to maintain. In 2 years ago once we killed our lawn by treating with a fertirizer contains weed killer, we are so scared to purchase one. Appreciate it if you could recommend the sure item. We are in Staten Island, New York, close to the shore.
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For the best control of broadleaf weeds in your lawn, use a lawn weed killer with Trimec. Liquid applications, applied with a hose-end or pressure sprayer, work best because they stick to the foliage. There are granular formulations available; for the best results with these, wet the lawn a little and apply with a drop spreader (rather than a broadcast) so that the granules will stick to the foliage. Then you don't want any rainfall or water on the lawn for a couple of days so the herbicide won't wash off right away. Herbicides work best when the weeds are actively growing in spring and summer, but you may have good results if you're having warm fall weather.

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