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grubs have taken over....

HI, I have been fighing grubs for 2 seasons now... its finally getting warmer here (central Florida) last year I lost most of my yard before I knew it... thought we finally got them.. have tried grub killers, naturaly nematoads? ha ha yeah right I was told they would take care of grubs for many years... I had all three life cycles. so I am sure I still have them now that we are up to the 70s again how i kill them.... I really need something that will work.last season we treated 4 times help!
Submitted by tenos3410864

Nematodes can work, but they can be pretty tricky. The conditions have to be just right when you apply, the shipping and storage needs to be have been done properly, and so there are a lot of failures with nematodes. If you're not fussy about whether it's a natural control or not, just use Grub Ex or any similar product with the active ingredient "imidacloprid" (it's on the label). It's very effective. One application in spring should be effective for 3 months or so. In your warm location, the long (year-round?) season might require a couple of applications a year. You might check with a local garden center to see what they say about that part.  Be sure you  follow label instructions.

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