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i have a small front yard with two huge oak trees at the front of the yard. i have tried seeding grass for many years and still am unable to get grass to cover the entire front yard. i need help.
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My recommendation is to try something besides grass. Even shade mixes have their limits, and if you've tried to reseed several times with no success, it would seem that your shade is more than lawn grasses can handle. Shade loving perennials such as hosta, archangel, ferns, Brunnera, heuchera, and so on, are good alternate choices that can handle more shade than grasses.

The other possibility is pruning the low hanging branches off of the oak trees to let more light in. Not having  seen your landscape, I can only guess whether that would help. But it's one possibility. If the trees are already pruned up 15-20 feet high, then there's probably no point in doing more. But if they're hanging close to the ground, it could be something to consider.

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