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Hello! My problem area is in the backyard in a shady area abutting our woods. Very wet area; lawn slowly being replaced by moss; slugs abound; poison ivy is beginning to win! Puddles after rain for quite awhile. This is in Northeast Ohio. What would be some good plants/grass/trees to plant in this area? Ideally, I'd like some sort of ground cover to walk on, but will take anything to soak up the water! Also, what about those slugs? Or do we need to do something more drastic to fix this up?
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The first perennial groundcover that springs to mind is Aegopodium podagraria 'Variegatum'. It tolerates both shade and wet soil. All of the other plants I can come up with for wet shade are taller perennials, not groundcovers. These include Aruncus dioicus, Chelone lyonii, Cimicifuga racemosa, Filipendula, Ligularia, and Rodgersia. You could create a rain garden by intentionally creating a dip and planting these perennials in it. The idea is to give rainwater a place to pool until it can percolate down into the soil profile. Regardless of what you plant, you'll continue to battle poison ivy and slugs. On poison ivy, I like to snip the stems and dab full-strength brush killer onto the cuts. For slugs, you can sprinkle diatomacious earth on the ground around their favorite plants.

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