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Dog urination all winter kills grass

I live in Michigan about 30 miles north of Detroit. We had more snow than usual this winter and my aged dog (15 yrs) urinated in the same area all winter. The grass is all brown or yellow and dead, I think. I guess I'll have to dig it up and replace it with new sod. Last summer he used the same area but I guess because the lawn was active and flushed by rainfall it didn't seem to affect it. Will it come back or should I replace it?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest


You'll need to dig and replace that area of grass. Dog urine can do a lot of damage and the only remedy is to flush the area with water after the dog goes to the bathroom or just rake out the dead grass, add some fresh soil, and replant.

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You can also try One popular “theory” as to what causes urine burns is that urine is acidic and that in turn burns the grass. As a result, a variety of home remedies have popped up on the internet advocating adding baking soda, vitamin C, or various pills & supplements to your dog’s diet. While some of these remedies may have occasional success, we at are not fans of giving your dog pills to try to change the chemicals in their urine.
Submitted by chrispatty2012
mushrooms/toadstools seem to be growing where our dog urinates....what to do?
Submitted by sissykpa