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crab grass removal

I have crab grass on my st augustine lawn i'm told there is no chemical ( according to my spray guy ) to kill it. Is that true? I,ve been removing it manually I have an acre of sod and it would be to time consuming to do I'm not even sure i'm getting the roots. I don't have crab grass thru-out the whole lawn just in small patches. I live in central florida. Im also seeing shades of lighter green grass not only on my lawn but everyones elses lawn Is that because of all the rain were having?
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There are several products on the market for crab grass. One that seems to be effective is Ornamec, a post emergence chemical herbicide. Agralawn Crabgrass Killer is an organic product that is worth trying. My best advice is to contact your local Cooperative Extension Office (blue or yellow pages) and get their recommendation for your particular problem in your region. They can also give you advice about the overall health of your lawn.

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