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Burned Lawn

Help. I used a weed & feed product on my 3 month newly laid sod. The next day 2/3 of my lawn looks dead. My zone is 9 and it is hot. What can I do if anything?
Submitted by robinandchriste

A few possibiities: 

First, during excessively hot, dry periods, it's best not to apply herbicides like this to turf. It can burn the lawn. 

Second, you don't say what kind of sod you have, but a southern type of grass - bermuda, zoysia, st. augustine - needs weed killer specifically formulated for those grasses. If you used the versions they sell for bluegrass and fescue, you would definitely see some damage.

Third, it's possible you simply overapplied it.

Not saying any of these are definitely the case, just throwing out some possible causes here.  All of these are problems that are addressed on the label, so go back and read through it carefully to see if it sheds any light on what happened. 

The good new is the that more often than not, lawns outgrow this sort of damage. (just keep it watered)

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I am a novice gardner and last year just laid sod in my backyard. I have not fertilized all year and now my lawn is turning a lovely shade of brown. I water often ( 1X daily in the morning or evening). I am now afraid I am loosing the lawn. I bought Scott's turf builder plus weed control but cannot use it right now because its been in the high 90's low 100's. I don't know what else to do. Can you please help! I live in the Calif valley and my zone is 7. thanks, Karen
Submitted by karendot1