Buffalo/Highway Grass

How do I rid my centerpede lawn of Buffalo/Highway Grass? I have heard it called by the above names but am not certain they are correct. The grass grows to 8 - 10 "" and the seed stem is much taller with a 2"" forked seed head. A very aggressive plant. thanks, pt
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Buffalograss, like centipedegrass, is a warm-season perennial grass. There is no selective herbicide that will kill one and not the other. If you have patches of the buffalograss in the centipede lawn you can spray the patches with glyphosate (Roundup) to kill the unwanted grass. Use caution, because Roundup will also kill centipede grass if accidentally sprayed on it. A week or two after spraying, you can plant plugs or sprigs of the centipedegrass in the dead areas.

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