brown spots in my lawn

I have sod a year old. It now has brown spots. Did my gardener put to much weed & feed & kill it?
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It's unlikely that a liquid weed and feed would kill spots in your yard, and unless you saw visible piles of weed and feed granules, it's unlikely there was enough product there to burn the lawn. Manufacturers design their lawn products so that it's hard to go wrong. Yet when granular weed and feed is applied with a drop spreader, dead stripes can be common. It's more likely that you've got a turf disease like brown patch (caused by the fungus Rhizoctonia). If you irrigate your lawn, make sure to water early in the day so it can dry out before nightfall. If you leave your grass drier and the disease doesn't clear up, you (or your gardener) can apply a fungicide.

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