Bermuda Grass

Hi, I bought a new home in August of last year near Austin Texas. The builder had put a new lawn in and before I could move it it was not watered properly. There were many times in the heat (105+) that the grass went into shock(yellow). Now that spring is here the grass looks terrible and very spotty. It is not greening up very well either. I realize that spring is just beginng but how do I make my yard look better?
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First, make sure it stays well watered, and if the grass is beginning to green up now, go ahead and give it an application of fertilizer as well. You should let it fully emerge from winter dormancy before assessing the damage and setting a course of action. Bermuda turns yellow and goes dormant when it gets too dry, but that does not mean it all died. It may ultimately come back much stronger than you expect this year. In addition, Bermuda is an aggressive spreader, so unless you have extensive areas that need resodding, it may fill in pretty well on its own over the course of a season, as long as you keep it watered and fertilized.

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