Wind resistant plants

I live in an area that has very high winds, in excess of 100 kph, on a regular basis. Can you recommend any plants that could withstand these winds? I'm in zone 5. Thanks.
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Plants with narrow leaves or needles, those with wide, flexible branching structure, and low-growing plants are most likely to be wind tolerant. Conifers such as pines, spruces, and firs would be good tree choices for a windy Zone 5 garden. Oaks are one of the best deciduous trees for wind tolerance. For wind-tolerant shrubs, try junipers, boxwood, barberry, or sumac.

Once you have some trees and shrubs in place, you'll be able to grow a wide array of annuals and perennials on the protected side of the woody plants. You could also build windbreaks  of walls or fences to provide protection for more sensitive plants.

In open areas, low-growing perennials such as armeria, dianthus, ajuga, and many other groundcovers should grow well.

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