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What kind of plants grow in central florida

We are in Sun City Center Florida. The last frosts damaged all we had planted. What are the native plants that are decorative and withstand frost? thanks for answering.
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

That's a far-reaching question--there have been entire books written on the topic--and it's hard to summarize without whittling the list down to annuals or perennials or trees or shrubs. Some of the hardy plants I've noticed friends growing in your area with good results include Dieffenbachia, Sago palm, Leyland cypress, Cryptanthus, Pampas grass, Croton, and various citrus trees. Check out our plant encyclopedia. It's got a search function so you can look for plants in your area and fitting your requirements.

Luke Miller, editor

Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living magazine

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