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What can I do to make use of a very large and sunny side yard (well, sunny in spriing and sumer!)

I have a huge side lawn that gets lots of sun. My backyard is very shady (lot of trees) and enclosed by a picket fence. I'd like to do something special with the large side yard, perhaps a quiet nook tucked away in the corner that's very private -- a place where I can sit and read, etc., with perhaps a small circulur patio in the center of it. We tought it might be nice to set it off from the rest of the expanseof lawn with a trellis or arbor. Don't want to lose too much lawn though. Ideas?
Submitted by scanlonjoni



Thanks for writing. Without being able to see the area, I can't give you any specific landscaping advice, but you might check out some of our slideshows on for inspiration, including:

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I hope this helps. Good luck --- and feel free to share pictures of the area with us once you come up with something!


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,


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