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What are good sun tolerant plants for my front yard facing the southwest?

I want to expand my flower bed in the front of my house and remove some of the grass that doesn't thrive in the very sunny southwest location. I would like to use perennials (some fall blooming) and low growing spitzers along with mulch and some iris to frame the bird bath. What plants do you recommend?

Hi, I suggest you go to the Plant Encyclopedia on this website and do an Advanced Search. After you plug in your landscape needs, it should give you a planting list.

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You don['t say what height you're looking for, but some late blooming favorites of mine are 'Alma Potschke' Aster, Boltonia 'Snowbank', and Russian Sage. Another one I'm very fond of is 'Lucifer' and 'George Davidson' Crocosmia.
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