Water garden

Our water garden w/falls is never clear. Full sun, no plants, no fish yet....just minnows for fishing and frogs. We bought something that won't kill fish, but it killed our minnows and didn't clear it up. There isn't much algae, mostly just green looking water like the lake.
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The green coloration in the water of your water garden is also from algae, but not the string algae that you may be more familiar with.

There are a number of clarifying systems that can be used to keep the water clear. One technique is to keep much of the surface of the water covered with floating plants to exclude some sunlight getting into the pond. The shade of the floating plants helps prevent algae development. Barley straw or barley pellets are another way of keeping the water clear. And many different chemical clarifying agents are available. You may need to try several to find one that works in your water garden ecosystem.

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