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Water erosion!

My son-in-law built a playhouse for my granddaughter but it is right on the ground! (New to building things!) They have a sloped yard and the dirt is right at floor level! There is rain run-off right at the door. In front of the playhouse, we have left room for a flower garden. Is there a solution to diverting the rain run-off away from the door, such as a "drybed" with stone in it and a "dirt curb" on the outside of the drybed? I feel very sorry for him, because of his mistake. HELP!
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

You can divert water a number of ways. One is with the dry creek bed you mentioned. Another is with an underground French drain (a perforated drainpipe wrapped in a landscape fabric sock and covered with gravel). And you can also berm up soil with rocks and plants to divert water as well.

Luke Miller, editor

Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living magazine

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