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Want to plant an herb garden in pots on stands but grass is underneath and can't be mowed. Need ideas for what to put on the ground on top of the grass. thanks!

I'd like to put my herb garden outside of my sunroom in our new home. I have iron stands, that I put the pots on. The yard is completely covered with grass so need ideas on what to put down underneath the stands, since we will not be able to mow underneath the stands. Hope this makes sense! And thanks very much!

Submitted by kimmelander1

Something like a sheet of plywood would work. Not only because it will cover the grass, but also because it's a solid surface that will be stable for the plant stand.  You could put many other materials down first, such as rock, mulch, whatever. But you should kill the lawn in that spot first, so nothing grows back. Use Roundup, or lay down a board or piece of carpet for a month or so. Either way should work to kill the grass. 

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