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Walkway between house and garage

I would like to build a walkway between my garage and my house. The land slopes down to the back of the house and garage. My question is..does it have to be level and what would look good there? It's a narrow spot 8 feet or so. Also, if I want some planting in the spot would a trellis on the garage wall be best or make the spot seem even smaller? Thanks
Submitted by ramona_kay

Hi, Well it's very difficult to offer landscaping advice via email, but your walkway angle really depends on the depth of the slope. If it's a sharp drop off I suggest you keep the walkway level, but put steps in every once in a while. You don't want to create a walkway that is basically a ski slope. Now, if it's just a light, gradual slope,  you can probably get by with stepping stones or something like that set into the slope itself without having to level it. But, I'd only do this if it's a very slight slope. Otherwise, you should make your path as level as possible and not create a ramp. As far as a trellis on the garage goes, that might look great if the garage wall is just a blank expanse. I just can't be sure without having photos or seeing the place in person.

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