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Ugly hedge

i have a ugly hedge that separates my house from the house beside me. I want to take it down, but still put something back up that will separate the 2 houses. I have a square front yard. to the left is a hedge that hides the house next to me, than grass than a driveway. i have some landscaping done with stone at the very front of my house. WE get a lot of sun in the front and need something to still separate the 2 houses, but i still want something that wont be such an eye sore.
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I'm not sure if you want a fence or hedge. My favorite hedge plant for screen is arborvitae, but you also don't say where you live so it's hard to give specific planting advice. If you are looking for a plant-based solution you can go to our Plant Encyclopedia on and do an Advanced Search on  your specific needs and it should give you a list to go by.

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