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Too many Japanese beetles

In the summer I get Japanese Beetles all over my flowers. They are covered with them. Way to many to pick from my flower bed. We do have a lawn service that sprays our yard. He said to mix palmolive dish soap in a sprayer with water and spray them. It suffocates them. It works on boxelder bugs too. When should something like Grub X be put on the lawn and how many times? This service thru our lawn care is more exspensive. thanks, Lake Orion Mi.
Submitted by t50smith



Thanks for writing. Unfortuantely, there aren't a lot of good solutions for dealing with Japanese beetles right now. Because the insects are so mobile, sprays aren't particularly reliable. You can kill the ones in your yard one day by spraying, but there will be a new crop the next day.


If you're going to spray, look for a product that contains neem oil; you may find a variety of brands at your local garden center or nursery. I'd avoid the dishsoap as it the soap can actually damage some plant varieties.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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