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Southern California Working Mom needs a fun, attractive & useful backyard

I live in Southern California. I have an empty rear yard, six feet wide, between a block wall and the house. This area is 60 feet long. I prefer herbs, vegetables & native plants preferential to birds/butterflies. I want to cover the 6 ft block wall in vines. I need a walk way the length of it and my kids will also be using the area for a Nerf gun range with soda cans hanging from strings at one end. Could you help me pick the plants and the ground cover best suited for this? :-)
Submitted by totallyinthepin

You can use the advanced search option of our plant encyclopedia to search for plants in your hardiness Zone with specific characteristics, such as vines, groundcovers, attactive to birds or butterflies, or even easy to grow.

You might also want to check out our garden plans for ideas of plant combinations that might work in your situation.

Answered by DSchrock
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I need real help. Do you know anyone out there that can help? I've done advanced searches. I've found other great sites with searches. None of these are going to tell me which native plants tolerate each other the best and will put up with kids occasionally tromping in them... Some of the plants I look at I'm told straight out won't work if another plant isn't grown next to it... I need someone with a native plant specialty in the southern California area.
Submitted by totallyinthepin