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Snow Mold and Thatch Buildup

My lawn has snow looks terrible. I raked it to try to loosen the top crust. I also think there is a thatch buildup. What steps should I take to correct the problems and which time of year should should they be done. I live in zone 5. Thank you, Carmelle
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You've already done what should be done for snow mold: rake out the crusted mat as soon as you see it. For most home lawn situations, this is all that needs to be done. As temperatures warm and conditions dry out, the snow mold should disappear.

A small amount of thatch in the lawn is OK. If, however, the thatch layer is thicker than about 3/4 inch, it would be a good idea to dethatch your lawn. The best time to do so is early fall (mid-September in most of Zone 5). Early spring as soon as the soil has dried a bit is  the second best time to dethatch a cool-season lawn such as bluegrass.

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