Shrub / Vine from Charleston, SC

I recently returned from Charleston, SC. I spoke with several locals noting that the beautiful, hearty vine that grew on brick/houses was not English Ivy, but they weren't certain what it was. It had a trunk like stalk that got to be about 1/4" in diameter, and the leaves were up to an inch long and oval shape. Are you aware of this foliage? can you please tell me what it is? Our climate is similar to that in Charleston, and would make a beautiful addition to our landscaping.

Hi, I can't be sure without seeing the plant in person, but I'm guessing it is Climbing Hydrangea. It's a slow growing vine with oval leaves and has white flowers in the spring.

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I too recently returned from Charleston loving that vine! It's a creeping fig vine for use in zones 7-11. You can also find this vine listed under ground covers. It's really beautiful but does not grow in zone 5 where I live. Good luck! Kim
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