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For years, in a very shaded area facing west about 15 x 15, I had violets growing until they were taken over by ferns, which lasted only one growing season. Now I have only about 4 violet plants and 3 ferns remaining. Some lily-of-the-valleys have started to grow a small patch about 3 feet in diameter. The ferns and lily-of-the-valley were around the north side of the house and have worked their way into the front west side of home. But I have mostly bare ground now instead of the lush greens
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If you're looking for plant suggestions, be sure to check out our Plant Encyclopedia (link below). It will allow you to search for shade-loving plants that thrive in your Zone. You look for annuals, perennials, shrubs, or even small trees for shade --- and search by criteria such as bloom time and flower color. When you find a flower you like the Encyclopedia also recommends other plants that look good with it. Check it out at:

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