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Run-off and erosion

I'm in a new house and the builders did not install gutters on the back of it. We live in NC and experience some torrential rain storms. The run-off from the roof is eroding the sand/soil next to the foundation of the house. Short of installing gutters to direct the rain, is there any landscaping that I could do to prevent the possible disaster I foresee? Thanks
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Just as the soil can't withstand being pummeled by the rain, plants won't either. If it were me, I'd rant and shame the builder into putting up a gutter. I'm concerned that without a gutter you'll always have mud spatter on your home. And if you have a basement, you've got the potential for water damage around the foundation. If a gutter is out of the question, you might try running a line of landscape stone or basketball-sized boulders along the dripline. The rocks will at least break the falling water and you could plant on either side of the rock.

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