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Ridding hill of crown vetch

Moving into a home on a hill it was very hard to mow. I planted crown vetch... What a mistake. Now I need to get rid of it. I do have some new perennials in that area and I do not have a holding bed to be able to take everything out and spray it down. Any ideas?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Any herbicide that will control crown vetch would kill most of your perennials too. There isn't a selective product that would work. That means that you either have to remove the perennials that you want to save from the site before spraying or spray it down and start all over. You say that you don't have a holding bed for the perennials. How about potting them up and holding them somewhere until you get the crown vetch under control? I have moved hundreds of perennials successfully this way.

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