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I am looking at converting a recessed area in our yard into a BBQ/courtyard area using pumice as the ground cover. How am I best to remove the grass. I'm worried about laying down weedkiller in case it effects our pets and kills other surrounding plants. I also was wanting to know if laying down pumice will assist with drainage also. The recessed area is where the neighboring house used to be and we don't have the access to get top soil laid down.
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Thanks for writing. The best way to get rid of your grass is to borrow or rent a sod cutter and manually remove the grass. (Sod cutters come in gas-powered and human-powered versions.) You'll remove the majority of the grass crowns, which should keep it from coming back.

Alternatively, an old-fashioned method is to cover the area with a 6-sheet-thick layer of wet newspaper, then cover that with a layer of compost, then spread your pumice over that. The newspaper/compost should kill the grass.

I wouldn't expect the pumice to help with drainage --- drainage problems often are soil or slope related.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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