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Plants that go together

I want to plant foundation in front of house. i would like it to be green (grasses, japanese holly, different shades of greens) and white hydrangeas (blushing bride), and other white flowering plants. there is one that i can't think of the name perennial and blooms only for a short time, is white w/golden center, large flower. i want mostly hydrangeas, but don't want just a row of them. i like not formal, but more cottagey looking... please, can you help me????? thank you!
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Well without seeing your site or even knowing where you live, it's really impossible for me to give you any landscaping advice in this column. I suggest you look through the garden plans available on this site (we have over a hundred) and also go to our Plant Encyclopedia on this website and do an Advanced Search on your requirements and it should give you a plant list.

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