Plants for a yard full of Live Oaks

Please recommend plants that will thrive in a front yard full of Live Oaks. It gets mottled sunlight and has very little grass. I would like to fill up most of that space with low maintenance plants that won't 'drown' in all the leaves. For the Spring, I have dogwoods and azaleas. That is as far as I've gotten. I am in zone 8, just outside of Gainesville, Fl. Thank you, Annette
Submitted by atpm49

Hi Annette, Well the key here is how much light you get under those trees. I worry that if nothing is growing there now, it probably means the trees are pretty mature and are keeping plants beneath them from sprouting. Without knowing more about your trees I can't be sure what to tell you. You don't say if you are planting azaleas and dogwoods or if they are actually thriving at the site. If they are doing well, then you may be better off. I would go to our Plant Encyclopedia and do an Advanced Search, plugging in your criteria and it should give you a plant list. Just remember that if not even weeds can grow under those trees, not much else will.

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