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I'm in a new house in southern Maryland. I am anxious to plant some gardens, possibly incorporating some of the plans on the BHG website. I have looked at some of them and cannot really find any info about the best time to plant. It's early March now and the front of the house has a medium and two small beds already but with ugly plants. In other words the area is ready when I am. It's a northern exposure so I'm thinking hearty shade garden (it still gets very hot!). So when should I plant?
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The correct planting time comes down to what you want to plant. If, for example, you want to grow frost-tender plants such as marigolds or geraniums then you must wait until the last frost warning is over for your area--probably around early May. If, however, you are planting shrubs and trees, the best time is when the weather is still cool and moist in the early spring. It also comes down to what condition your soil is in. If it's still soggy and cold from the winter, you might want to wait till the soil dries out and warms up a bit. If you are planting vegetables, cool weather plants such as lettuce and spinach can be planted now, but wait until your frost date is over before you plant tender things such as tomatoes and peppers.

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