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Over sized pool garden needs new design and better plant choices????

I have an irregular triangular shaped garden that is 36 feet long on one side, 18 feet wide across the "base" and 28 feet long on the other side. It borders my pool and buffers us from the back two neighbors. We inherited the plants when we bought the house and they are now 5 years old and very large. The center specimen is a large fig tree, left flank of canna liliies, back left: rose sharon, right nothing, ruellia in the front (goes wild!). We would like to tame it and pick plants that fit
Submitted by rloliveri



Thanks for writing. It's really hard to give specific plant recommendations without being able to see the site in person and know your personal tastes. I might suggest you visit our Plant Encyclopedia and do an advanced search... That will allow you to search for plants by height, sun/shade levels, hardiness zone, bloom color, and other special features. When you come up with a list of appropriate plants, it should be easier to see which will fit well in your planting and which you like the best!


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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