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Natural stone patio, any replacement ideas? Need level patio, inexpensive, hopefully , we would not have to remove the stones. I would love something like a polyeurthane that you could just pour over the stones. Springfield, Mo

I have a patio, that is laid with natural stones,with moss growing between the stones. I thought it was very pretty when we purchased this home, but now the moss has turned into grass and weeds, and as we are in our 60's the stone are a little uneven, and it is even hard to sit our patio furniture, especiall the table, on these stones, and maintain an steady table and or seating. Otherwise, we have a lovely backyard, with a fountain, two huge trees, and lots, of hostas, flowering bushes, etc. We do not have the extra money it would take to remove the stones, and do some type of patio. I wonder if you have any suggestions.

Submitted by jo_anbrinkman

The only way to remove the unevenness of the stones would be to remove the stones themselves. Patio pavers or concrete are generally more level and easier to place furniture on. If your budget doesn't permit that perhaps an extremely low deck directly layed over the patio might be an option.

Answered by DSchrock

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