Minimizing junipers

The previous owner of our house planted Junipers on the steep bank that leads up to the rear fence. With watering from my husband, they became a solid mass! It's now 40ft. long & 8ft. deep. There's a narrow raised planting bed below them stretching the same length, & about 3ft. deep. I have 4 fruit trees(now mature) and some perennials,grasses in that space. I'd like to "hide" the green hill as much as possible, can I incorporate vertical planting features without looking too disarrayed?
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Most definitely! The fruit trees and grasses are a good start to softening your juniper hill. Aim to include trees, shrubs, and perennials in your planting bed that offer up eye-catching blossoms, foliage, or architectural features during every season. By planting with the entire year in mind there will always be an interesting feature in the lower bed.

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