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Low maintenance landscapes for elderly people

My elderly mother's yard in Bozeman, MT was created to be low-maintenance. However, the rocks and bushes are ugly and now weeds coming through the barriers are an issue. Finally, there is nothing in the yard inviting her to come out and enjoy a beautiful day. Do you have any resources we could access to create a low-maintenance landscape with inviting outdoor spaces? I know there must be other adult children with similar issues.
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Look at for a garden plan. Click on Gardening, then on "garden plans." There is a low-maintenance backyard plan that you might be able to adapt. The county extension service at Montana State University has a number of publications that can tell you which plants grow well in that area, which you can acess from: Here is a brief list: Acer saccharum (sugar maple), Hydrangea paniculata (peegee hydrangea), Juniperus chinensis (Chinese juniper), Ligustrum amurense (Amur River privet), Parthenocissus quinquefolia Virginia creeper) and Spiraea x vanhouttei (bridal-wreath spiraea). Also, a book called "The Low-Maintenance Garden" by Berry and Bradley is very helpful. Here are a few more suggestions: 1.) Hardscape helps to make a yard low-maintenance, and decomposed granite is something that public gardens use as weed-free walkways for all ages and abilities. Ask a quarry service about this material; 2.) raised beds will allow your mother to do some gardening without having to get down on her on her knees; and 3.) plants with fragrances might really please her, if you create an area where she can sit beside them. Low-care gardens are beautiful and easy. Good luck!

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