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Looking for plants handle double duty - Full Summer Sun & Full Shade in the same spot

The beds all across the front of my one-story home (z5) are completely shaded by the structure itself almost all year. But, mid-May through mid-July, they are in full, blazing sun. Boxwoods are my foundation, but I'm looking for perennial color. Because of my home's small scale, the beds run 5-8 feet off the foundation. Any suggestions? What type of sun exposure can I use for plants to thrive & survive here? I've been trying knockout roses, but once they're plunged into shade, bub-bye blooms
Submitted by cherylann131

Hi, Although many roses won't like to be in shade, many perennials that thrive in sun will probably do o.k. if they spend part of the day in shade. It really comes down to how many hours of each you have. If you have 6 hours or more of sun, go with sun-lovers. If you have less, go with shade lovers. You can use our Advanced Search to get a planting list for your zone.

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