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Loblolly companion shrubs/trees

I am going to plant 3 or 4 loblolly pine in my 27' by 30' garden on the south side and wanted to know which shrubs, azaleas, or other smaller plants (including compact trees) would work as companion plants. I am in zome 7a, just south of Oklahoma City. Many thanks.
Submitted by kolkhi

Hi, Well you can use our Plant Encyclopedia on this website and do an Advanced Search to find shrubs and compact trees for your area. It should give you a planting list once you fill out your needs. Now, one thing to think of though, is that many plants don't do well planted too close to large evergreens. In the beginning everything works out great, but as those trees become mature, they compete with everything around them. So, be space other plants well away from your pines.

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