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Leach field ground cover

I live in Paradise Calif. The area is northern calif in what is called the ridge in the sierra nevada mountains. What grass can I plant over my leach field that doesnt require alot of care or mowing? Or can you suggest another ground cover that would work better? The area gets snow in the winter and is hot in the summer. Something that doesnt require alot of watering because it is dry and hot here in the summer.
Submitted by jpgalloway3

You could try a mix of fine leaf fescues. These are typically marketed as shade or low maintenance grasses. They're tough, drought tolerant, and can actually be left unmowed. they only get about 6 inches tall, very wispy looking if you leave them unmowed. Buffalograss is another grass you could use. It goes dormant in summer if not watered, but will green up again in fall.

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