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Landscaping for harsh mountain winters

Everything I plant is killed by the harsh mountain winters in Big Bear Lake, CA. I am planning to put in plugs of zoysia grass in a few weeks and I want to plant some bushes near the house and some flowering plants that will come back over and over. I will include a bulb garden come fall, but my problem is that our growing season is VERY short, as it quits snowing in May and starts again in October. Any suggestions?
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Zoysia grass will not be a good choice for your climate. It is a warm season grass that will not green up until well after warm weather arrives and will turn brown with the first frosts of fall. You would be better off planting a cool-season turfgrass. And although you're technically in USDA Zone 5 or 6, you may want to choose plants hardy to Zones 3 or 4 simply because you have such a short growing season. Check out our plant encyclopedia at to search for plants that fit your requirements.

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