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Landscaping around tree stumps

I have several tree stumps. I can't afford to stump grind them at $150 a pop so I'm trying to dig out some of them. One of them is an olive tree stump that has about 10 stumps growing off the main root. Is there anyway to simply landscape around the stumps and make them an interesting feature while killing off the life of the stump itself? The stump it's self has about 3 dead stumps rising a foot or so above the ground and it is interesting looking. Thanks
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We did a story a few years ago about using a tree stump as a pedestal for a large flower basket. If you have multiple stumps, that could work as well, using smaller planters. In our case, we nailed a wire frame to the base of the trunk, then lined the wire frame with moss, filled it with potting mix, and planted a variety of plants. If any of your stumps are living, you can allow them to become new trees. Just pick the strongest stem and eliminate the competing stems. Then prune the first couple of years to make sure that you have one stem and horizontal branching. To kill living stumps, cut off new growth and paint an herbicide such as Roundup on the top of the stump along the perimeter, where the living tissue is found.

Luke Miller, editor

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