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Landscaping around above ground pool

I would like to know if I can plant Hibiscus plants around an above the ground pool. I live in Nj have sandy soil. Pool is in sun. I did not know how they would take to the chlorine in the water that will splash and how their roots grow. Will the roots grow and damage the pool. Do you have any other suggestions about flowering shrubs around a pool- I already have grasses, and would like something colorful, and flowering at at about 5 feet in height... Thank you.
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

First, if you are going to plant a hibiscus, make it a rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus), which is the hardiest of the bunch. Or grow tropical hibiscus in containers and whisk them to safety when winter temperatures are at the door.

Potted plants of any kind are a good ideas because they won't get as much of the splash as ground plants. Selection-wise, you might consider daylilies, variegated euonymus, variegated goutweed and/or ajuga.

Luke Miller, editor

Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living magazine

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