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Landscaping a big forested yard

I live in Lewisville TX, in a 42 year old house. Our property is 3.4 acres and wild with oaks and animals. I'm trying to remodel our screen porch and deck, but i have a few problems: We barely use it not only because of Texas heat, but mosquitoes. Squirrels bite through the screen whenever we fix it. Also we never get full sun light so i can't plant the perennials i want. The front yard is drab too, but how do make a big forested yard look functional and inviting on a very low budget? Help!
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Thanks for writing. I can't really give you any specific advice for your front yard design, but in general, all of the same design principles apply.


Because it's your front yard, you may wish to remove some of the trees' lowers limbs so the yard looks more open. Then plant shade-loving annuals, perennials, and shrubs for big doses of seasonal color. There may be a lot more to choose from than you think; check out our Plant Encyclopedia here in for ideas or visit your local garden center and nursery.


To keep your eye moving through the yard, plant the darkest colors up front close to the street and the lightest colors back closest to the house. Keeping to a color scheme (selecting only one, two, or three colors, for example) can also help unify your landscape design and make your yard feel put together.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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