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Landscape plans for New Homes on completely empty lots.

I'm a long-time subscriber. Love online, too. In landscaping plans and features in the magazine, I see a real neglect for a problem faced by a large number of homeowners. Developers take the easy way out and clear cut the land to build subdivisions. That makes it hard for new homeowners to plan gardens/yards that help transform our areas into beautiful spaces. Your 3 year landscape plan online isn't the best. How about some better advice and a feature for folks in this situation!?

Submitted by lisaingardia

Hi, I completely agree with you that we don't often focus on landscaping new homes, mainly because a newly installed landscape isn't always the most attractive since the plants are small and by the time they mature enough for good photography it's not a new landscape anymore. Anyway, I believe that many of the garden plans we have on our site (we have over 200) could just as easily be installed around a new house as well as an established one. Also, if it helps, we're going to be launching a really useful new landscaping tool on our site this spring. You'll be able to chose from house styles and add plants as you go. I've been playing with it and it's very cool. I think we're planning on launching that in March or April on so keep checking the site this spring. If you are receiving our Garden Notes weekly newsletter it will alert everyone when the new planning tool goes live.

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