Lamb's Ear moldy leaves

I love the look of the Lamb's ear plant but at do you do about the moldy dead leaves on the underside of the plant. I try pulling them out but can't keep ahead of it. Am I doing something wrong to promote the mold or is that natural? Is the moldy parts bad for allergies?

Submitted by whirl6

Lamb's-ears does have the tendency for the older leaves to die back and turn moldy. Regularly dividing the plant to create more growing space and air flow between plants can help. However, it may just be a regular maintenance chore that is required when growing the plant. I cut back my lamb's-ears after their flush of bloom, and pull out old foliage at that time and in late winter before new growth begins.

I imagine that for someone who is sensitive to mold and fungi, that the old leaves could cause problems, but I'm unaware of anyone who is particularly sensitive to it.

Answered by DSchrock

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