Just spruce trees and dirt what can I do? Please help.

My front yard looks terrible.I would love some color with easy maintenace but I can't get anything to grow under or around 2 very large spruce trees, even my lawn is sparce. I already cut down 2 trees just so you can see the house. I tried to make a raised flower bed and added good soil but this didn't help. My front yard faces North and I live in zone 4, and I have alot of deer that come and visit often, any ideas, or am I doomed? Honest I didn't plant those trees.
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Thanks for writing. To plants I'd definitely start with are bigroot perennial geranium and epimedium; both are hardy, shade-loving plants that deer and rabbits tend to avoid. These perennials also hold up well to drought, so they should survive the competition from those big old spruce roots.


Once they're established, you can try other tough plants like lily-of-the-valley and go from there!


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com

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