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Is it appropriate to have a Front Yard flower garden?

My husband and I just lost an ornamental pear (one of 2) in our front lawn. 12 years old. The one we lost is in the center of the yard. My husband wants to plant a flower garden in the center of the yard rather than dig up the trunk. My concern is that there are two brick planters (one on each side of the driveway) and it will look ""too busy."" Then, he suggested maybe a fountain. Our house is in a subdivision and its a lovely brick front rancher.
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It depends what you have in the two brick planters flanking the driveway. If those are planted with a variety of shrubs and evergreens, you could plant the new bed with flowers. But if those two brick beds are already planted in annual and/or perennial flowers, another bed in the center of the yard might look distracting and cluttery. Personally, I love the idea of a fountain. The splashing water will attract birds. You could choose a multi-tiered fountain the has clean lines and goes well with your ranch-style home. If you choose a large fountain, you could end up spending quite a bit of money. Having the stump professionally removed would probably cost around $100, give or take. (Most tree companies will give you a free estimate, especially if you can tell them over the phone how wide the stump is.)

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